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Cosmetic surgery – An attempt to improve one’s self Image:

All of us have got a self-image about how others see us or how we perceive others to see us (or how we see ourselves). Physically & mentally, people with a positive self-image are more confident at work and communications. Cosmetic surgery helps you to build your positive self-image to change your personality and make you more confident.

There are generally three categories of patients who come for cosmetic surgery.

  • Patients with strongly positive self-image who are concerned about some of their unaesthetic physical characteristic and wants to change it.
  • Patients with poor and negative self-image which is perceived due to particular unaesthetic physical features and wants to change it by improving the look of particular body parts.
  • Patients with generalized weak self-image & self-esteem which is not only due to unaesthetic body part but they want to improve their self-image just by changing physical look

First two categories of patient really get the benefit of cosmetic surgeries, but the third category of a patient does not get satisfied after surgery, as they want to build their own self-image & self-confidence merely by changing their look, which is not the only cause of negative self-image.

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgeries??

A person who recognizes his particular body area appearance – which can be improved, has got strong  desire to change it – with realistic expectations is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.


Consultation is first step to establish our relation with each other in the professional yet friendly atmosphere. It is a very important first step to make your generalized and specialized body part assessment. It is important for us to understand your concerns and expectations and to explain to you how it can be fulfilled and up to what extent.

There is no one operation which suits all patients. Each patient and operation needs to be customized according to individual requirement and nature of body for best results. So at Celebre Aesthetics help every patient according to their need. 

Sometimes it may need more than one consultation to assist you in making a decision. It takes approx 30 minutes for a single consultation.

We can also suggest additional cosmetic procedures to enhance your look.

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