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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid lift)

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Eye lid Surgery

Being the most delicate part of the face, eyelids show the effect of aging first on a face before anywhere else. This is apparent by the appearance of multiple creases, drooping of lids and lower eyelid bags (bulging/puffiness of lower lids – “Baggy eyelids”) with tear trough deformity around it. (Area of depressed skin below lower lid). Blepharoplasty Surgery (Lower Eyelid Surgery) is a very good option for them whose eyelid is not according to their age or who has any diseases in their eyelid. It is a part of face surgery.

Youthful appearance of the eye is because of good elasticity of skin and strength of holding facial and eyelid muscles. With aging, skin loses its elasticity and holding muscles get weaker leading to drooping of lids.

In Blepharoplasty Surgery, excess skin removed, sagging muscles tightened and fat removed or redistributed to correct bulging or depressions without a visible scar on lids. Depending on specific problem, we correct upper lids, lower lids or both sets of lids