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Lip Augmentation 

Lip Surgery in Surat

Lip Surgery in Surat

Lip Augmentation, is a process to reshape, resize the lips according to countenance. At Celebre Aesthetics we do the cosmetic surgery or non-surgical process to make more attractive lips. As we have the world-class facility for Lip Surgery in Surat. Because Just like the nose, a lip is a central aesthetic feature of the face. A fullness of lips gives them sensuous, young and attractive look. This fullness of lips gradually decreases as aging progress, making them small, lax and less attractive due to tissue breakdown. You may have developmentally small lips, which looks less attractive. Sometimes, lips lack attractive shape. Small lips without attractive shape make a person feel under-confident. Different options for lip augmentation / enlargement

  • Fillers
  • Fat injection

Filler injection is usually temporary, need repeat injection at 6-8 months to a year. But they are better to give finest improvement/details to lips. Downtime is less compare to fat injection. Some touch up may be required later to give the best contour to lips to meet your expectations. It doesn’t require long anesthesia, instead only needs topical anesthesia creams.  After filler injection, you may experience some redness, swelling which typically disappear after one or two days. You can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Fat injection is a more extensive procedure with long downtime (8-10 days) and requires some anesthesia for 1-2 hours but the results are permanent. At most, it needs one additional procedure in case of resorption of fat in 1st stage. It is better used to improve gross/macro details of lip size and shape (see fat injection section for more details). You need to take rest on the day of the procedure. You can resume normal activities on next day.