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Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Treatment in Surat

Hair Transplantation is the commonest cosmetics surgery performed among men. The hairy scalp is a sign of youthfulness and significantly contributes to the personality of a man. So, loss of hair is often considered as the loss of youthfulness and personality. We at Celebre Aesthetics help you to grow your hair like earlier. Our Hair treatment in Surat is very trustworthy.

Commonest causes of hair fall and baldness in men are hormonal (Androgenic Alopecia) & Genetic effects. Physical stress (Physical illness, exhaustive lifestyle, etc.), Mental Stress (emotional disturbance etc.), Poor Nutrition (or bad food habits), Skin disease involving hair dandruff and Environmental factors also significantly contribute to it.

Androgenic alopecia is due to the excess sensitivity of hair roots to male sex hormones (Androgens- Testosterone). This sensitivity initially leads to thinning of hairs (Miniaturized follicles). This leads to the appearance of decreased density of thick/healthy hairs in the scalp and appears as visible skin inside hairs. This is a pre-baldness phase of the scalp. This condition improves with medical treatment if started in time and usually doesn’t need hair restoration surgery. Later on, with continuous exposure to a hormonal stimulus, these roots get destroyed completely- visible as the total absence of hair in a particular area (total baldness). Hairs roots in a frontal and top part of the scalp are more sensitive to this effect, so disappear early if not treated in time. Hair roots on sides and back of the head are relatively resistant (strong in nature) to hormonal and other factors and stay lifelong. This difference in nature of hair in different areas of the scalp (stronger hair roots on back-existence of a permanent zone) is the basis of hair transplantation procedure.

After hair roots are completely destroyed permanently from a particular area, no medical treatment (tablets/lotions/hair oils/any injections) helps and only option to get your natural hairs is hair transplantation. This procedure also helps to great extent in increasing density of hair in patients with low-grade baldness giving “Complete Look”

Although scalp alopecia occurs both in male & female, a pattern of both are different. In a female, it is commonly diffuse alopecia which commonly responds to medical treatment and rarely needs hair transplantation.

In all modern techniques of hair transplantation, hair follicles from this permanent/safe zone are harvested and implanted to multiple micro slits made in recipient bald area of the scalp.

We are doing hair restoration with most advanced techniques of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) & FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) for Hair Treatment in Surat on affordable hair transplant cost with a pattern of micro slits which gives you natural, complete look with the highest density of hairs. You can get your favorite hairstyle with transplanted natural hairs.

Different Techniques of Hair Transplantation

Both the latest above-mentioned hair transplantation techniques involve harvesting Follicular Micro grafts from the permanent safe zone on back & sides of the head and their placement inside Micro slits (recipient site) in the area of baldness. The only difference between two is- method of harvesting follicles from the donor site. You may find the marketing of these techniques by certain brand-names, but don’t go by brand names because the ultimate result depends only on the technique used (FUT / FUE) and skills of operating hair restoration surgeon. We also use these techniques for Hair Treatment in Surat.