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Male breast enlargement is a very common problem in society. Though it’s a normal deviation of the body in development, because of female-like breasts, the person feels ashamed while wearing skin-tight clothing or changing clothes at public places. Most commonly, it starts in adolescent age, most probably due to hormonal fluctuations/imbalance and increases in size gradually, but the only solution is surgical removal of the gland.

Size of enlarged breast varies from small to severely large female like ptotic breasts. The composition also varies either formed of only fat (soft), only gland (firm or nodular) and most of the time, the mixture of both.

The procedure is planned to depend upon the size and composition of Gynecomastia tissues. Fat along with most gland component can usually be removed with Liposuction alone. Sometimes, remaining gland (hard) needs to be removed by excision through a small incision around the areola.

Excess skin after removal of breast tissue shrinks because of elasticity and come down to normal – doesn’t need removal except in huge breasts.

It’s a day-care procedure. We do it in Local anesthesia or along with Sedation. You can resume your work from the next day. Post-operative recovery protocols are same as in any liposuction surgery.