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Breast Surgery

Breasts are important focus of female aesthesis. A good sized & well shaped breast is certainly a best compliment to a woman.

Breasts change shape throughout life with development, pregnancy, lactation and aging. Size of breasts varies person to person, but sometimes one or both breast enlarges in size with or without sagging down. This leads to psychological embarrassment, sometimes socially not acceptable and may cause physical problems like pain, heaviness in breast and neck areas and bra-strap indentation. It also causes ill fitting of undergarments. All these can be corrected by Breast Reduction. These patients are happiest as it improves self confidence and leads to more active life style.

Breast is composed of two components – Fat (soft consistency) & Gland (nodular/firm consistency). All glands open in centre of breast- Nipple, which is surrounded by dark circle of skin known as Areola. Size of breast is not the only issue, but its shape and contour are also important along with position of nipple-areola complex. In breast reduction surgery, size, shape & position of all these components may need to be modified to make breasts beautiful. This is done by removal of excess breast tissues (fat & glands) along with repositioning of nipple-areola complex up in its original position. When areola is enlarged (which is quite common), it can be reduced to normal.

Large fally breasts can be reduced by Liposuction in one or two stages putting small key-hole incisions, but sometimes may aggravate sagging of breasts post operatively which ultimately requires breast lift procedure. For this reason, Breast Reduction by surgical removal and lifting of breast is more preferred aesthetically than reduction by Liposuction. We recommend Liposuction Reduction only in patients who don’t want any scar on her breast at all.

Over the years, because of aging, pregnancy & lactation, woman breasts lose its shape & firmness and sags down. Mastopexy is a surgical procedure to reshape and give youthful appearance to sagging breasts. Sometimes, breast implants may need to be inserted along with Breast Lift procedure to increase its size and give firmness. Although it can be done any time, it is advisable to plan a Mastopexy / Breast lift after completion of family, as future pregnancy may affect the results.

Breasts are sign of Feminity to a lady. A self conscious lady may feel disappointed with small or saggy breasts. This can be improved by various means, like: (1) Implant placement and (2) Fat Injection. This is also known as Breast Enlargement.

Breast augmentation is performed to

  • Enlarge under developed breast,
  • Balance difference in breast size and
  • Improve contour/ fullness of small / ptotic (falling) breast after child birth.

Sometimes, this surgery is also performed for enlargement of post-cancer excision breast.

Most commonly this is achieved with placement of Silicone Breast Implants underneath breasts. There are two types of implants available:

  • Silicone filled
  • Saline filled

Silicone filled implants are most commonly used, as they give more natural feel to breast.

Implant can be inserted through an incision under breast crease, areola border or armpit. Among all these approaches, we use breast crease incision most commonly. Implant is placed under breast tissue or under chest muscle depending upon condition of existing breast, your expectations and surgeon’s aesthetic judgment.

Our surgeon will take your help while choosing an implant size to give your breasts best possible size and shape. If you are looking for very large breast size, then two staged approach may be used.

Safety of silicone implants are established now clinically. It neither cause cancer nor interfere with breast feeding.

Procedure is done as day care procedure. You can resume your routine work from next day.

It is very common for a female to have a mass (Lump) inside her breast. When it is in young age, mostly these lumps are benign, don’t turn out to be cancer and remain silent for years. They are known as Breast Fibro-adenoma. They neither resolve on its own nor respond to any medicine. Though, they may be cause of psychological embarrassment for you. Many a times, they become painful in course of time. Because of such various reasons, it is often necessary to excise (remove) them.

As it is concerned with female breasts and therefore with beauty, it is always advisable to remove with a technique to leave behind no visible scar or other cosmetic deformities in gland. Moreover, if not dissected with meticulous technique, there are chances of damaging surrounding breast glands.

If you are worried about lump in breast and want removal without any noticeable scar or deformity on your breasts, get advice of our cosmetic surgeon.

It is a painless day care procedure done under local anesthesia with light sedation. You can resume your routine activities from very next day.

Male breast enlargement is a very common problem in society, particularly affecting adolescent & young population. Because of female like breasts, person is ashamed to wear skin tight clothing or to change clothes at public place. It may be Unilateral or Bilateral- symmetric or asymmetric. Most commonly, it starts in adolescent age, most probably due to hormonal changes and increase in size gradually, but only permanent solution is surgical removal.

Size of enlarged breast varies from small to severely large female like ptotic breasts. Composition also varies either formed of only fat (soft), only gland (firm or nodular) and most of time, mixture of both.

Procedure is planned depending on size and composition. Fat component is being removed with Liposuction and gland component is removed by Excision through a small incision at junction of normal & pigmented skin so the scar is hardly visible. Excess skin after removal of breast tissue shrinks because of elasticity and come down to normal– doesn’t need removal except in huge breasts.

Post operative recovery protocols are same as in any Liposuction surgery.