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Genital Rejuvenation Surgery

Process of aging leads to loss of elasticity in all body soft tissue including genital tissues. Additing to this , child birth (by Vaginal Delivery) traumatizes most delicate female body parts by stretching causing widening of vagina & enlarged or irregular labia, leading to loss of sexual pleasure. Exercises are advised for restoration of vaginal tightness but are helpful only to some extent. Vaginoplasty restores vagina to pre child birth condition functionally & aesthetically. Excess loose skin of vagina is removed and stretched lax muscles of vagina are tightened in this procedure. This surgery leads to enhanced sexual performance of a woman.

Many couples are not aware about correctability of these problems by genital rejuvenation surgery. Feel free to come to us and discuss your problems.

Some females have large Labia minora since birth and many develop with aging & child birth. Enlarged Labia project outside vagina and cause psychological embarrassment and sometimes physical problems at intercourse & other activities.

Labiaplasty reduces size & shape of the outside projecting Labia minora.

Penetration of vaginal cavity leads to rupture of thin covering skin of vagina called Hymen. Rupture can also occur with sports and exercise. Ruptured Hymen gives partner impression of loss of virginity of a female at time of intercourse. Hymenoplasty is restoration of this thin covering skin by suturing. This gives feel of virginity at time of 1st intercourse.